The Company

Castaldi has been innovating since 1938. In its over 80 years of history, it has totally reinvented the lighting sector, introducing the concept of architectural lighting half of a century ahead of its time.

Light is our mission

As a pioneer of technical solutions designed to enhance rather than simply light up external spaces and architectures, Castaldi seeks to improve the spaces in which we spend our time. A market leader internationally, Castaldi offers a wide range of high performance products with a refined design and avant-garde technology.

Our values

The beauty of innovation

Who says that the term “made in Italy” is only about beauty? And who says that technology can’t be breathtakingly beautiful?
At Castaldi, we love to be surprised by talent and admire the unexpected. As ambassadors of Italian creativity and masters of innovation, every new solution must make our hearts beat first.

Image something perfect

Research and development, controls of production processes, quality assurance, flexibility and design capacities – the very best standards are achieved through the continuous pursuit of perfection, but what moves us most is the power of imagination.

We help build marvels

We believe in the power of ideas and support whatever illuminates our paths.
Castaldi products are installed around the world in the most iconic and challenging contemporary architectures. Because, like the most visionary designers, we pursue and feed on ideas until they are realized, marvelling them, as if it were the first time.


Auralis is the first integrated industrial hub in the lighting field.

Auralis is an all-Italian reality that satisfies all kinds of lighting needs, whether its indoor or outdoor technical solutions, residential and contract projects, contemporary design collections or just great classics. A unique, vertical and comprehensive group of excellence which defines a new era in the lighting sector through a strong drive for technological innovation, the pursuit for beauty, and a clear mission aimed at promoting the culture of light as a tool to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Limitless lighting

Auralis supports man’s innate need for beauty, for building wonders without setting limits, except that of imagination.

For such reason, it supports architects and lighting designers to create all-round lighting solutions by working alongside customers and partners with a sales and assistance network that spans in more than 95 countries worldwide.